Paola Mirai is a jewelry designer, an artisan and an artist, working in Milan.
As a contemporary alchimist looking to the future Paola Mirai tamed OROTRASPARENTE a new super-light transparent material that she developed after 5 years of research and experimentation; something rebellious, light as air and transparent as water. It makes feel who's wearing it as protagonist of a new era.

Everything started when, in front a Ayers Rock, in the middle of Australia, I was struck by an inspiration worthy of Brancusi: to create beautiful forms to be enjoyed by men and women.
My research started in 2004, looking out of a window in full light facing the Atlantic Ocean and continues now, in a workshop in a courtyard in a very fascionable Navigli area, in the old part of Milan. After 20 years working as an Art Director in the mass comunication, I decided to start a new research journey to explore and to find a new ideal of contemporary beauty. Between mythology, archaic symbols but above all a special harmony that takes place when East meets West.

The advent of the technological world, geared towards the future, the evolution, is changing our whole life and put the world in a virtual connection, going from centuries based on matter to this new millennium of immateriality. through transparency.

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